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Looking Fit Magazine's Top 250 Tanning Salons


TAN USA offers the latest in skin renewal and healing therapies...the power of Redlight!

Clinical studies have shown that targeted
red light exposure in certain wavelengths can
increase collagen and elastin production
resulting in a more youthful, taut appearance. 

* Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
* Improve skin tone & texture
* Normalize pigmented spots
* Improve the appearance of scars,
including stretch marks & acne scars
* Help reduce pore size
* Kill the bacteria associated with acne to
allow healing of the skin.

Monthly, Single Sessions,
Session Packages &
Weekly Rates Available

Redlight is a safe, pain free alternative to more invasive treatments such as peels and laser procedures.

Results will vary but most people see improvement in skin tone and texture in as little as two weeks. 
Wrinkle reduction may take from 30 to 60 days.

Looking Fit Magazine's Top 250 Tanning Salons

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